SSL native plugins v6.5.30 VST Crack + Free Download 2023

SSL native plugins VST Crack + Free Download 2023

SSL Native Plugins Crack Essential Bundle includes two of SSL’s strongest plugins to provide a console-like experience within your DAW. Combining SSL Channel Strip 2 and the legendary Bus Compressor 2, it comes with everything you require to create a solid foundation for your next mix.

SSL native plugins v6.5.30 VST Crack + Free Download 2023

Channel Strip 2 emulates the long-running SSL 4000 large-format console, featuring the traditional 4-band parametric filter, EQ, and expander/gate system that has been the mainstay of audio professionals for more than 40 years. SSL Native licenses 2023 also lets you change between legendary G-series and E-series profiles for greater flexibility.

SSL Native Plugins v6.5.30 Bus Compressor 2 is an ideal digital version of the famous bus compressor, which is featured in many songs. Famous for their ability to make a radio-ready mix, not many bus compressors are as widely respected as they are. Sweetwater is delighted to present this amazing package that’s ideal for beginners on their journey into recording or professionals looking to get the quality that comes from an SSL card but the convenience of the plug-in.

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The X-EQ 2 is a highly customizable 24-band equalizer that has unique anti-cramping techniques to provide unrivaled transparency and open sound. It’s the ultimate toolbox for equalizers featuring 17 different types of equalizers and filters of various forms. The bands can each be changed between shelving, bell, high-pass, or low-pass filter styles, with both classic and custom-designed shapes for each one.

SSL Native Plugins Crack includes all-new ways to process space, tap solos as well as the classic “Parallel” X-EQ feature to recreate the sound characteristic of older analog inactive EQ circuits. SSL Native v6 Complete Bundle Crack ChannelStrip offers the legendary tone and functions in the SSL console channel strip. Fully dynamic processing. with switchable E as well as G series EQ, LMF, and HMF’s parametric channels HP and LP filter with a customizable processing order.

“Glue your mix together like audio glue. SSL Native v6 Crack the way we listen to the description of SSL’s Native Bus Compressor with the words “You incorporate it into your sound, and it sounds like the sound of a record”. We could wax poetic on the subject of technology. But you’re aware of how great it sounds. You’ve heard it on many record hits in the last three decades.

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The two plugins reviewed within this review include SSL Native Channel Strip and SSL Native Bus Compressor which are both included in SSL Native Essentials. SSL Native Essentials package. Therefore, with no further delay, we’ll move to the overview. Naturally, they weren’t the first to do this, with companies such as Universal Audio, Waves, and Brainworx creating their own SSL hardware copies.

SSL Native Crack section EQ is a classic four-band layout with parametric LMF, HMF sections as well as shelving sections for HF and LF (LF and the HF section switch to Bell toggle). The EQ module can switch between E or G series features, and it can be added in conjunction with the dynamic sidechain. The Dynamics section has an additional compressor as well as a gate/expander.

Compressors may be changed between soft or hard elbows. SSL Plugins Crack Compressor Section and the Gate/Expander come with quick/slow attack buttons as well as independent sidechains. It also includes high-pass and low-pass filters that can be added to the sidechain too. It is ideal to control, smooth, and add a sense of presence to any material source.

the full ssl native plugins line-up

ssl x-eq 2 vst crack

The all-in-one EQ collection. Mastering grade 24-band parametric EQ.

SSL X-EQ 2 VST crack is the ultimate EQ toolkit for audio professionals. Built upon SSL’s proprietary anti-cramping algorithms, SSL X-EQ 2 VST crack simply sounds stunning. With 17 different classic and modern EQ type/curve options, SSL X-EQ 2 VST crack is a formidable and powerful contender to be your new ‘go-to’ EQ plug-in.

SSL X-EQ 2 VST crack is a highly configurable 24-band EQ plug-in, featuring unique anti-cramping algorithms for an unparalleled open and transparent sound. It’s the ultimate EQ toolkit, with 17 different EQ types and filter shapes. Each band is switchable between bell, shelf, low pass or high pass filter types, with both classic and customisable shapes available for each band. It features brand new spatial processing options, band soloing, and the classic X-EQ ‘Parallel’ mode for recreating the characteristic sound of old parallel passive EQ circuits.

  • 24-band fully parametric high quality digital EQ, featuring unique SSL anti-cramping algorithms
  • DSP Optimisation makes SSL X-EQ 2 VST crack super efficient and CPU light
  • A total of 17 different filter types: 5 different cut filters, 9 bell shapes, shelving filters, a parallel mode, and custom filters
  • Extensive control options including draggable EQ graph nodes, mouse wheel adjustment and numerical data entry
  • Extremely low noise and low non-linear distortion filter algorithms resulting in the residual THD+N significantly lower than 24-bit quantisation noise
  • Mid/Side and Left/Right spatial processing options
  • Individual band solo and bypass
  • Real-time FFT analysis display
  • Inclusion of Phase & Step response graphs to show the effect of EQ processing

ssl native channel strip vst crack

Classic SSL Console Channel StripClassic SSL console EQ and Dynamics Processing for your DAW.

The SSL Native Channel Strip VST crack delivers the legendary tone and features of an SSL console channel strip. The EQ is a classic 4-band design with parametric LMF & HMF sections and shelving LF & HF sections (LF & HF switch to Bell).

The whole EQ can be switched between E & G Series characteristics and can be applied to the dynamics side chain. The Dynamics section offers separate Compressor and Gate/Expanders. The Compressor can be switched between soft and hard knee. Both the Compressor and Gate/Expander sections feature fast/slow attack switches and independent side chains. The plug-in also features High and Low Pass Filters which can also be applied to the side chain.

SSL Native Plugins Key Features

  • SSL Plugins Crack Console Channel Features, Workflows, and Sound
  • Compatibility with UC1 controller. Compatible with the UC1
  • Four band equalization, 2 shelving, and two sections with parametric EQ
  • Low and high pass filter.
  • The EQ characteristics can be switched between the G-series and E-series
  • Section EQ with SSL “Anti-Cramping” technology
  • “Over-Easy” soft ratio compression feature that makes smooth transitions
  • Routing of process orders in variable ways
  • External sidechain input
  • Dynamic sidechain processing that is independent of sidechains for expander/gate and compressor

SSL native plugins v6.5.30 VST Crack + Free Download 2023

What’s New?

  • Based on SSL’s famous console channel layouts
  • Four-band parametric EQ with four bands, able to switch between G-series and E-series tonal characteristics
  • High and low filtering
  • Flexible signal flow routes let you decide which processors to control.
  • Compressor with simple, yet powerful Ratio Threshold, Threshold, Release, and Fast Attack controls
  • Smooth ratio compression helps keep the dynamic character of the original while smoothing out highs
  • Sidechain processing for frequency-dependent compression applications
  • Natural-sounding gate/expander that has a smooth release reaction.

How to Install?

  • Download the file using the following link.
  • Extract the file by using Winrar.
  • Use the setup provided.
  • Enjoy.

Console Grade Processing For Your DAW

SSL Native plug-ins provide the precision, advanced feature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL audio products in affordable plug-in form. The latest Native release from Solid State Logic introduces new ‘Channel Strip 2’ and ‘Bus Compressor 2’ plug-ins, in addition to mix-ready ‘FlexVerb’ and the ultimate in mastering grade equalisation, ‘X-EQ2’.
All users can also benefit from authorisation of SSL Native licenses onto a computer instead of a physical iLok dongle. As of SSL Native V6.5, a physical iLok is no longer required to run SSL Native.

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